5 Quick Tips on Oriental & Rug Cleaning

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Oriental carpets and rugs have been popular home ornaments probably since before Chingez Khan was terrorizing Asia. They add warmth and color to an otherwise industrial, lifeless vibe that bare tiles and stone floors fail to provide. But here’s the thing about carpets: they can become a veritable petri dish for diseases and micro-organisms if home-owners don’t pay due attention to cleaning. Thus, here are five quick tips you ought to know before you grab that sponge/vacuum/broom/brush:


1. Be Smart About Dust Prevention:


A whole lot of cleaning fatigue can be averted if you are careful about not letting dust settle in the first place. What do we recommend? Learn from the Japanese culture! Leave dirty shoes/sandals at the door or at least arrange shoe mats with rough textures to scrape off as much dirt off the shoes as possible. Avoid placing carpets in rooms with windows/doors, especially if you live in dusty areas. Eventually, lesser dust would mean lesser work for you!

oriental rug cleaning tips
2. Blot The Spillages!


Have toddlers at home? Is your husband a slob? Murdered someone in the living room? Don’t sweat it; just blot it. The best way to deal with spillages is to act FAST! First step is to soak it up with a towel or a wet/dry Vacuum. Next, use dishwasher water mixture for non-water spillages, followed by a plain water mop up. The key is to use blotting motion instead of the scrubbing motion. Why? Because scrubbing will cause your carpet fibers to become matted and lose its color and texture.


3. Home Remedies Always Trump Commercial!


Unless you’re Warren Buffet, you probably can’t afford brand new carpeting every time your rug starts looking bedraggled and off-colored. But you definitely can afford to treat your carpet with home remedies and save the depression of staring at the discolored monstrosity on your drawing-room floor. You can save hundreds of dollars by trying these easy recipes:
• For stain type: Food/beverages/blood: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution applied directly to stain and blotted can save discoloration.
• For stain type: Mud/dirt: allow it to dry before brushing it off. Use above procedure if needed along with soap water.
• For stain type: Acids/ketchup/paint/alcohol: alkaline solutions can neutralize the acidic spills. Ammonia (happens to be slightly toxic) maybe used carefully to aid the blotting process. (This procedure is not suitable for woolen rugs.)


4. Flip It And Beat It!


Here’s a fact about carpet dust: it causes a tremendous amount of guilt. The longer you let it stay there un-vacuumed, the deeper it will set inside the fibers and the greater difficulty you’ll face to get rid of it through daily vacuuming without seeking expensive professional help. Thus, flip the rug occasionally for better and deeper cleaning.
You can easily flip over regular synthetic rugs and vacuum over their backs. Beat brushes normally manage to push the dirt off. Moreover, for deeper cleaning, you can flip a side and keep repeating the process until you’ve got the complete rug covered. This would eventually improve dust expulsion by up to 45%. Repeat this process at least every two weeks, if not every week.


5. Good Investments Can Save You Money:


If you think Afghani/Persian/Navajo rugs are expensive…. You are absolutely right! Oriental rugs can be wallet stranglers. Buying woolen or hand woven rugs may be pricey (so are rug-cleaning services), but they are much more dirt resistant and tend to last longer. However, regardless of the rugs you opt for, it is advised to always attain surface cleaning services from the experts once every few months to give your rugs a brand new look even after years.