Advanced Surface Solutions in Gilbert

Imagine having a party at home with all your guests having fun. Now imagine how it would be like if your brand new carpet has been left stained with spilled drinks and food after the party is over. In a bid to save all your expensive fixtures and fittings, you try to scrub the stains off the best you can but you realize soon that all your hard work is not going to provide any returns. Unfortunately, this is a state almost every homeowner faces in the United States.

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Cleaning stains off carpets and other types of floors can be very tough, so much so that a large number of people leave their furniture in a sorry state. However, nobody likes a dirty floor or a sofa and this is where Advanced Surface Solutions comes into the picture.


Why Advanced Surface Solutions?


We at Advanced Surface Solutions have been catering and fulfilling the surface cleaning needs of the Phoenix Metro and East Valley for over 13 years and our list of clientele has only been increasing. Now, the residents of Gilbert too can avail our top quality services. The services we provide include Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert, Natural Stone Cleaning in Gilbert, Tile and Grout in Gilbert, Color Sealing in Gilbert, Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning in Gilbert, Upholstery Cleaning in Gilbert, and Granite Counter Top Cleaning in Gilbert..


Unlike other companies, we take surface cleaning as a step by step process whereby each step is wholly important in the completion of the ultimate task at hand. Take for instance our Upholstery cleaning services, a process that has been divided into no less than 12 different steps. From the first pre inspection to the final post cleaning inspection, our team of surface cleaning experts monitors every single step to the minutest of details. We at Advanced Surface Solutions in Gilbert ensure the final result provided not only meets the expectations of our customers, but also exceeds it.