Tile & Grout Color Sealing

10 Step Grout Color Sealing Process

This process is the absolute best product for stain proofing your grout. Once applied it looks like real grout, and will last for many years to come. This product was chosen by our Gilbert grout color sealing experts because of its reliability and effectiveness. It will also kill bacteria and germs. No matter how stained or damaged your grout may be, we can effectively clean, prep and recolor your floors, counter tops, showers to like new condition for a fraction of the replacement cost. With over 300 colors to choose from.

Once you have chosen a new color of grout stain for your Gilbert area home that you are thrilled with a summary of our color seal process is below as you can see it is very thorough.

tile & grout color sealingStep 1: We will pre-inspect the tile and grout looking for troubled areas such as cracks and chips.

Step 2: We will protect all surrounding areas such as carpet and cabinetry.

Step 3: Advanced Surface Solutions’ local Gilbert grout color sealing technician will We now utilize our special product that is designed to break up the soils and oils as well as etches your grout joints.

Step 4: At this point we use our floor machine with a scrub brush to really agitate the entire floor. We will scrub the hard to reach places and next to the baseboards by hand.

Step 5: The neutral rinse comes next. This is done by utilizing steam extraction that blasts away the soil out of the grout as well as off of the tile. All of the water is vacuumed away at the same time.

Step 6: We then bring in our air movers to dry the tile and grout so it will accept the color seal evenly.
tile color sealer phoenix
Step 7: Now the application of the color seal begins, this is done on our hands and knees . You have to be close to the grout so you can carefully apply the product. We apply it with our special applicator and then work it in with a brush system.

Step 8: At this point we wipe off all the excess from the tile, making sure we work the product evenly, this is a very detailed job.

Step 9: We will then complete the job by performing a final buff to ensure that everything looks uniform.

Step 10: Our trained eagle eye is part of what makes us the best Gilbert grout color sealing company, and our expert will perform a final post inspection to make certain everything is complete.