Granite Counter Top Treatments


Our process begins with one of our local Gilbert granite countertop cleaning experts taping and protecting your cabinets and areas of concern. Then we use our state of the art granite cleaner that will remove water spots, other unsightly deposits. We then neutralize the stone with our rinse process.


After being thoroughly cleaned, depending on the hardness of the stone, multiple coats of Advanced Surface Solutions of Gilbert’s granite countertop sealing product will be applied so it will be absorbed into the stone causing a invisible shield for stain protection.

Italian Wax Treatment

This process is performed after sealing. Several coats of our fine wax are applied and then buffed off with a buffing tool. This will create a shiny luster refreshing your granite’s appearance also creating a stain resistant surface.

Below is our exclusive ultimate protection package for

Granite Counter Tops:

Step 1: Carefully pre-inspect the counter looking for hard water build up, scale, stains or flaws.

Step 2: Protect all of the surrounding areas with drop cloths, mask or tape walls, cabinets, etc.

Step 3: Remove dry soiling and residues with a hand held buffer and steel wool pad, (This will not harm your granite!)

Step 4: Apply our specialized granite countertop cleaning product to deep clean the soil away, agitate with special hand held equipment.

Step 5: Rinse all the residues and contaminants thoroughly off of the counter tops.

Step 6: After the granite has dried, apply a heavy dose of our solvent based impregnating sealer, usually 2-3 coats depending on density of the stone.

Step 7: After the sealer has absorbed into the granite we then will hand buff the counter tops.

Step 8: We will then apply our incredible Italian wax polish treatment. This is a key process not offered by every granite countertop sealing company in the Gilbert area that will to really make it shine and as well as repel stains.

Step 9: Utilizing our high speed buffer we will buff the entire surface of the counter tops to the most amazing shine.

Step 10: An experienced Advanced Surface Solution of Gilbert granite countertop sealing technician will then post inspect the job to make sure that everything looks as it should, phenomenal.