Home Remedies for Tile Cleaning

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Tile flooring may look neat and clean when newly installed, but maintaining the shiny new look for kitchen or bathroom tiles is no easy feat. Housewives with large families can face repeated stress just to keep the place looking clean. Grouts can get pretty disgusting over time too, regardless of daily dusting. While professional cleaning services can surely leave the place spotless, they can certainly be difficult to opt for on a regular basis. While professional services are recommended once every six months for bathroom tiles, most homeowners can easily save money by using these simple home remedies to keep tiles new and clean.


•   Regular broom/vacuum:

Regular sweeping or vacuuming the tiles can surely prevent dust from settling in.

tile cleaningAccording to Stacy McCall, CEO of ServiceMaster in Memphis, “Sweeping works fine for most floors, but vacuuming is a better choice, even for tile. Most vacuums have a hard floor surface setting. If not, raise the height to maximum setting to avoid scratching [the] floor. This will make mopping easier and prevent dirt that sweeping left behind from being spread around.”


•   Follow-up Mop:

Once the dust is eradicated, it is advised that you follow-up the vacuuming with mopping. Even simple mopping with warm soapy water can give an instant shine to the floor. Regular cleaning regime can prevent germs from settling as well.


•   Drying technique:

After a quick mop with clean damp cloth, the tiles should be dried promptly. It is important that you use a dry cloth to wipe up any moisture left by the detergent mix (or any other floor cleaning agent) while mopping. This drying technique helps prevent fresh dirt from settling in during the damp phase. Any fluid spillages should also be mopped up and dried immediately to prevent staining or yellowing.


•   Grout Recipe:

Easy to make recipes are the best and cheapest way to clean your tiled floors. One such mixture includes the effective baking soda recipe;

You need: ¾ cup Baking Soda + 1/4 cup bleach + scrub brush

Apply the paste to the grout for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing vigorously for 5-10 minutes. Wash away with water the remaining paste.


•   DIY kitchen solutions:

The best cleaning solutions are those which do not require added expenses towards cleaning solutions. These easy recipes can be made from your very own kitchen cabinet contents.

  •    Vinegar: ½ cup vinegar mixed with a gallon of warm water can be used to mop the tile floors. This adds an extra shine to the flooring

   Tea: Freshly brewed tea is great for cleaning floors with tiles. Simply dip a damp cloth in warm brewed tea and proceed to wipe away stains as usual.