Natural Stone Cleaning


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Our process starts with tapping and protecting your home’s interior areas of concern. We then utilize our special product to safely and completely deep clean your stone, paying extra attention to areas of concern, especially heavily soiled grout joints. Followed by a neutralizing steam rinse extraction.


Scratch Removal

This process is done with several vary course diamond resin pads. This will take out scratches and other blemishes such as chemical etching. This is performed with using water so there will be no dust to clean up after. This step is a crucial part to insuring your stones consistent look.



There are many misconceptions about polishing and honing natural stone. Here at Advanced Surface Solutions we can show you the many different finishes that can be done on your stone, and provide you with the benefits of the finishes for your life style. Our process is polishing the stone with real diamonds and water only, this process does not create any dust. No messy or smelly dangerous compounds.


Not only is it safe for you and your family, but safe on the environment as well. By utilizing this cutting edge technique it will provide you with the longest shine possible for your stone. The honing process is done using diamonds and water as well without making any dust, this will remove very slight etching, damage from traffic areas as well as leaving the stone less shiny (honed). This is a great look for travertine or limestone floors that have heavy use.



After your stone is cleaned or refinished it is our recommendation to apply a sealer to make your investment last as long as possible. A clear solvent based impregnating sealer acts as a protective shield to safeguard thrills and spills of everyday life.


Or if you would like to bring out the color and natural beauty of your stone, an incredible look with be achieved by applying a color enhancer treatment.


This will seal as well as show case your stones beautiful colors. This is phenomenal for travertine, limestone, slate and flagstone.


After Care

After your surfaces are brought back to life it is very important to use the right cleaning products as well as the proper mopping method. You will have all the right information and more important you will have the secret… Ron’s recipe for success. Not a cookbook, but how to care for your homes surfaces.