The 3 Don’ts of Oriental and Woven Area Rug Cleaning

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Call any carpet or rug cleaning “guru” for his or her professional cleaning services and you will be surprised to see how much dirt lies in your rug which your vacuum simply misses out on. Whether you run a vacuum over your rug yourself or have the responsibility distributed among the other members of your family, you may have seen the rug at your place decay over time. Surprisingly, many people do not know the real lifetime value of a woven rug and simply dispose the beautiful piece off before it has completely lived its life. Thus, for those wondering how to increase the floor life of a beautifully woven rug or have it looking brand new even after years of use, here are the 3 don’ts of oriental and woven area rugs cleaning.


1. Don’t Give up On Vacuuming

Regardless of what many professional cleaners may have you believe, the DIY approach is always the most sustainable and economical method for keeping the surface at your home clean. Whether you wish to keep your carpet clean or simply have your rugs looking fresh, vacuuming once every week is the recommended practice.

However, a prerequisite of vacuuming is an established list of rules set among the family members to ensure every member plays his or her role in keeping the rugs stain free. How? Well, for starters, declare areas where shoes have to be taken off, place doormats near the entry and exit points of the house, and clean a stain as soon as it appears on the rug by anyone. Moreover, the key to cleaning your rugs as well as carpet is to vacuum the most near the outside doors, then the areas where people walk the most, and lastly elsewhere.


2. Don’t Rub the Stains and Spills

Rubbing the stains or spills off the oriental and woven rug does not only worsen the stains, but also damages the fibers of the rugs. As far as cleaning a spill goes, blotting is by far the safest and fastest method to clean the stain for good and ensure it does not spread with time. To ensure you do no spread the damage over other parts of the rug and further damage it, blot up the spills by using either a dry towel or, preferably, a few thick paper towels. Press the dry towel or the paper towels to absorb the spill and repeat the process until the towels absorb no more.

For the tougher stains, it is advised to use a mixture of hand or dish washing soap. Again, it is advised to not rub the mixture over the rug and instead blot the area with the wet towel (containing the mixture). Once the mixture (or solution) is blotted over the stained area with the wet towel, use a dry towel or paper towel to absorb the solution until the rug is completely dry.


3. Don’t Ignore the Backside

Often a time we forget to clean the back side of the rugs since no one really gets to see it, right? However, cleaning the back side is not only essential for a hygienic home life, but also for making your rugs look sparkling new. Frequently, dirt is piled up in the tough and bottom layers of the rugs. Hence, it is advised to flip the rug and clean the back side once every month to push the dirt back to the top and, eventually, enhance the life of your rug.