The 5 Crucial Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet

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When it comes to improving the interior of your home, a carpet can go a long way in ensuring your house look alluring and glamorous. Whether you go for a regular carpet or one that is more expensive, carpets can add a touch of class and elegance wherever they are used for flooring. But while installing a carpet can add to the aesthetics of any interior, acquisition and cleaning can be quite expensive. Thus, for this reason, great care needs to be taken of carpets.
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Regardless of whether you have kids running around the living room or not, carpets are bound to get dirty. A simple spill of any drink or food droppings can stain carpets. Moreover, if the stains are not dealt with care immediately, they can become permanent. Also, as regular replacement is neither practical nor affordable, it is integral that you are aware of certain steps that can rid the carpet of the stains. By ensuring you take the right measures for cleaning, you can save a lot of money and keep your floor looking brand new.


Here are top 5 tips for carpet cleaning:


1. Place Mats around Doors & and Other Entry Points


While placing mats may not sound like much, you will be surprised by knowing the difference they can make when it comes to keeping carpets clean. When placed in front of doors and other entry points, mats can absorb the dirt and other particles carried by anyone who might be coming from the outside. Also, mats normally cause no harm to the interior as they are usually available in all sorts of different textures.


2. Vacuum Regularly


Vacuum cleaners may sound annoying, but the work they can do is worth all the pain. Similarly, vacuum cleaners can suck away all the dirt and dust particles from the roots of your carpet. With large suction pumps attached to the head of the cleaner, vacuum cleaners ensure that even minute particles are absorbed so nothing is left behind. However, you should be careful about the type of vacuum cleaners to use. Different types of carpet require different cleaners. For instance, Berber carpets are considered to be more delicate and hence should be vacuumed carefully.


3. Treat Stains Immediately


If you happen to spill a drink or food onto your carpet, be sure to take care of the problem immediately. The longer you let the spill stay on the carpet, the greater the probability there is of the stain becoming permanent. When treating a spill, always use a material that is able to absorb and keep at it until the stain has become completely dry. Once the stained spot is dried up, use a vacuum cleaner.


4. Be Specific When It Comes To Treating Stains


Although home remedies are still unproven, all of us like to use different remedies for different problems and carpet cleaning is no different. As a rule of thumb, use club soda for coffee stains, salt for mud and wine, cornstarch for grease, and the iron method for candle wax. However, before implementing any remedy, always try it on a small area before progressing onto a large one. This way, not only will you minimize the chances of spreading the stain if things go wrong, but also diminish the risk.


5. Try Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


No one likes to spend money on interior cleaning, but you will be surprised how much money it can save you in the long run. With professional surface cleaning companies such as Advanced Surface Solutions providing state of the art cleaning facilities, there is little reason not to opt for them.