Complete Granite Surface Cleaning Guide

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Gleaming granite countertops are the coveted modern-day kitchen fixture. Homeowners obsessed with the maintenance of their kitchens often go to great lengths to protect their investments. The truth is that granite care is pretty easy and cost effective when compared to other tiled or marble surfaces. Granite surfaces look gorgeous in dark colors, such as black or gray, but the true beauty of granite is in its signature metallic gleam (I may be biased). The shiny scratch-less surface of industrial style kitchens can be achieved once again quite easily by following these easy tips and tricks.


Seal the Granite Immediately

While the sealant cannot prevent staining, it does prevent the granite from becoming porous and weakened. Most sealants vary in their durability, but a good sturdy oleo-phobic sealant should last 4-5 years (or more, depending on your granite type)upholstery-cleaning

According to established kitchen blog: ( “Make sure your granite countertop is sealed. While granite is a very hard surface and less porous than marble, unsealed or weakly sealed granite will soak up oils, spills, and stains.”


Test the Seal

It is absolutely imperative that the sealant is renewed as soon as it weakens. A way to determine the sealant strength is to pour water or oil on the granite surface. If the droplets begin to bead, the surface is safely sealed; however, if it gets soaked in, the sealant has expired.


Daily Cleaning Ritual

Acidic cleaning solutions are not suitable for granite. Simple water and dishwasher solution (phosphate based) can be spritzed and sponged away for an easy wipe. Most regular stains can be removed this way as strong heavy duty cleaning is not advised frequently. The countertops should be treated with mild solutions; even powder-based cleaning agents are to be avoided because of their abrasive nature. Soft damp cloths and sponges are best for the daily cleanups.


Heavy Cleaning

When the time calls for extensive cleaning, granites are pretty simple to deal with. A rigorous daily cleaning regime will surely leave your granite dulled. Hence, it is suggested that extensive cleaning with heavy-duty stone degreasers be used occasionally. If a particularly stubborn stain is encountered, the use of a non-acidic stone poultice is known to be effective. You can also call in professionals for heavy cleaning once every 6 months. We, at Advanced Surface Solutions, provide world class surface cleaning solutions to bring back life to granites.


Scratch Prevention

The average Kitchen countertop is often packed with various utensils and crockery pieces. For a busy kitchen, the granite countertops are subject to rigorous use which makes scratch prevention difficult. However, the following measures may be taken to avoid scratching the gleaming surfaces:


  • Do not place ceramic pots directly on the surface, use placemats.
  • Avoid placing hot utensils on the counter. Let it cool.
  • Do not stand or place unreasonably heavy loads on the counter-top.